Our Team

Ken Sevenson

Ken is known throughout the industry as one of Australia’s leading agricultural consultants. He has consulted on all aspects of farm business management with a diverse multi sector and geographically spread client base.

He is a technical expert on temperate and Mediterranean crop production, legume pastures, dairy, beef, sheep and prime lamb production systems. Ken is also an active business consultant to viticultural and winery businesses.

Ken is highly sought to develop and present training programmes in farm management, business planning and agricultural business to the finance, banking and agricultural consulting industries. Ken is actively involved in planning suitable business structures for clients. He is a recognised expert in inter-generational challenges and has strong mediation and negotiation skills.

Ken is now working with new corporate entities to the Agricultural Industry assisting them with investment selection, property aggregation profiles and managed operating and ownership plans. His intimate knowledge of Australian agriculture is proving invaluable to new entrants to the sector in Australia