Agricultural Advisory

Sevenson Agriculture provides a comprehensive integrated suite of independent agricultural advisory services to clients seeking to invest, grow or restructure their existing agricultural investments.

Investment Strategies and Portfolio Construction

  • Matching investment criteria and production objectives
  • Feasibility and business planning

Property Selection, Due Diligence and Purchase Negotiation

  • Land sourcing and property aggregation
  • Comprehensive, technical, objective due diligence


  • Existing enterprises for expansion, succession, consolidation

Corporate Governance, Administration and Statutory Compliance

  • Performance monitoring and reporting; comprehensive reporting outlining enterprise and financial performance, statement of achieved returns, revaluation of assets and performance relative to benchmark data
  • Asset protection; developing and applying robust and enforceable contractual agreements
  • Enforcing code of conduct, best practice and ethical asset use
  • Income collection; annual rental and other incomes
  • Compliance with statutory regulations and local tax obligations
  • Building asset value; increase farmland value by identifying and implementing asset improvement opportunities
  • Intermediary; connect clients who wish to own land with those who may wish to produce commodities but not own the land asset