A Successful History

Ken Sevenson commenced his involvement with corporate agriculture in 2008 when he was asked by a Agricultural Investment Group from NSW to source a suitable farming asset to add to their current portfolio.  It was to be their first investment in Western Australia.

From this initial enquiry Ken has continued to develop his boutique business now known as Sevenson Agriculture Pty Ltd.

During 2011 Ken personally selected a series of farms and aggregated them into three economic units for a Middle Eastern Sovereign Food Fund.  Ken completed detailed due diligence of these chosen units for the funds Corporate Board. The value of the project exceeded $50million.

Ken has completed further analysis for the fund on potential new projects since this initial work.

Sevenson Agriculture today has 40,000 hectares of farmland under management with a value of $20 million for an International Agricultural Fund.  This project commenced in 2012 and is presently in a new development phase.

Knowledge, experience and an excellent network of Agricultural associates enables Ken to find, select and complete comprehensive due diligence on potential farming investments for current and new clients.

Management of the asset is achieved through strong relationships with reliable and honest tenants and share farmers.  The investment asset is not only protected but performs in an environment that sees it enhanced for better capital growth.

The Farmanco Legacy

Ken Sevenson and Farmanco Management Consultants have been part of Western Australia’s agriculture scene since 1978.  Ken moved to Dowerin in 1978 as a Farm Management Consultant to run a single consultant practise.  In 1985 Ken took on a new partner in Lisa Featherby and commenced a growth phase that saw the consultancy business grow to become one of Australia’s largest Agricultural Consultancy businesses.

When Ken left the practise in 2010 it had grown to 12 partners and 22 consultants.  It had specialist areas of Agronomy, Grain Marketing and Farm Management.

Sevenson Agriculture retains the services of Farmanco partner Laurence Carslake as the firms consulting agronomist.